Evergreen Identification Flashcards


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Our Evergreen Identification Cards feature 16 common evergreen species. Add them to your morning basket of activities or bring them with you on your next nature hike. How many of these trees and shrubs (or their close cousins) can you find in your area? Is there a pine tree in the forest? Did you see the squirrel scampering up the Spruce tree? Who is living in the Yew hedge? Collect a few Cedar leaves and make nature prints when you return! Use our BONUS Identification Guide to learn how to distinguish between Pine, Fir, and Spruce coniferous species.

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Mountain cypress
Northern white-cedar
Atlantic white cypress
Black spruce
Norway spruce
Silver fir
Douglas fir
White pine
Swiss pine
Black pine
Pitch pine
Scots pine
English yew
Common holly

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