Rabbit Unit – Curious Trails Nature Study


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Join us as we adventure into a warren and meet some amazing rabbits! We’ll learn about their physiology, society, families, and amazing adaptations.

Throughout each CURIOUS TRAILS NATURE STUDY you’ll find open-and-go topic study guides and lots of hands-on-activities ranging from S.T.E.M. projects, art invitations, nature journaling, cooking together, and more! This family-style unit is divided into 4 weekly nature lessons with activities that follow and ideas for our younger and older learners. Come together for our unit celebration to study nature poetry while enjoying delicious Cinnamon Rabbit Cookies!

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What’s included in the Curious Trails Rabbits Unit Study:

LESSON ONE: What is a Rabbit?
•Learn what rabbits look like and eat.
•Explore rabbit anatomy.
•Meet some favorite wild and pet rabbit breeds.
•Hunt for a few of a rabbit’s favorite snacks to create rabbit art.
•Test your recognition skills with a Rabbit and Hare Memory Match.
•Learn the rabbit napkin fold.

LESSON TWO: Rabbit Society
•Learn about rabbit behavior and how they communicate.
•Explore rabbit burrows then create your own salt dough burrow model.
•Search for signs of rabbits on this week’s nature walk.

LESSON THREE: Rabbit Families
•Discover the life cycle of a rabbit and create a life cycle craft for your nature table.
•Learn how rabbits multiply with the Fibonacci Sequence then create your own field of Fibonacci rabbits!
•Create a bunny nesting pot craft.

LESSON FOUR: Rabbit Adaptations
•Discover how rabbit adaptations help them thrive in their habitats.
•Study the difference between Rabbits and Hares and compare them in a venn diagram.
•Demonstrate how rabbits camouflage in our blending-in demonstration.
•Conduct an experiment to hear like a rabbit.
•Create ‘hopping bunnies’ then have a competition!

Study nature poetry while enjoying delicious Cinnamon Rabbit Cookies.

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